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Warriors Team Shay is raising funds to start a foundation to fund genome research and support of children touched by cancer. It is our belief that through genome research eradication of cancer can be achieved within two generations. Be a Warrior join our team.

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You Can Help Me Raise $100 Million to Fight Cancer and Start the “Warriors Team Shay” Foundation

Shannon was one of 7.6 million who died from cancer last year, one of 4 million between the ages of 30 and 60.  I believe that these numbers can be reduced by 50% over the next 10 years through genome therapy and immunotherapy. I want you to help me help find the cure for cancer.

As I told you in the video my mother died from cancer when I was eight, Aidan my grandson’s mother died from cancer when he was nine.  My life and my brothers lives were affected, that single event has more to do with who we are today than anything else that has happened in our lives.  I wrote a book about how it affected me; Tall Grass.  It tells the story of a young boy who loses his mother to cancer then recalls the 10 most important days of his life and how those 10 days formed my character.

I now see my grandson traveling the same road, I’ve learned that he will be accompanied by 1.8 million other children this year. I intend to see to it that Shannon’s death turns into a positive part of Aidan’s future and that he learns and grows from the experience.

I’m forming the Warriors Team Shay Foundation to provide funding for cancer research focused on identifying cancer susceptibility genes in individuals or families which will have a major role in preventing the disease before it occurs.  This is the only form of research that is aimed at eradicating cancer as opposed to treating cancer.

But first, we need to set-up the foundation and that’s what this Fundraising Campaign is for.  I’m told that will take about $7,500. That’s where I need your help today.

Here’s My Plan

Three years ago my daughter, Shannon, said to me:

“You need to write a children’s book about our 20 year Christmas morning tradition; look what the ladies who wrote The Elf on The Shelf have shared with the world.  Besides, our tradition is perfect for anyone who has The Elf on The Shelf.”  

So I wrote a children’s book, had it illustrated, designed the packaging, and had it printed, The Christmas Web – A Family Tradition.


Shannon lived to see her vision become reality but enjoyed her final “Christmas Web” in 2013. She died the day after Christmas last year, finally losing her valiant 12 year battle with cancer. (You can read Shannon’s story here.)

The Christmas Web to Fund the Foundation

Once our campaign to start the foundation is over all contributions to Warriors Team Shay Foundation will be made at www.ChristmasWeb.com through purchases of The Christmas Web or here at  BestofUs.com for direct financial contributions.

But wait there’s more, I have on my computer my second book “The Stock Lord”.  It’s an international thriller about a retired stockbroker who gets lured into a scheme to manipulate the stock market for profits.   I will be putting the profits from “The Stock Lord” into the foundation as well.

Our 2016 goal for Warriors Team Shay is to raise $255,000.

What I’m offering you today is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of something that will make a difference, the birth of the Warrior Team Shay Foundation.  And I’m offering you REWARDS for helping me get the Warrior Team Shay Foundation off the ground.

It’ll make you feel good about yourself and I promise to make you proud to tell people “I’m a Warrior, I’m on Team Shay”.

Here’s How I Intend to Raise $100 Million over the next Ten Years.

Today there are over 9,000,000 mothers in the U.S. who have “The Elf on The Shelf” in their home for the month of December. The Christmas Web is The Elf’s Grand Finale after a month long visit to their homes. And with that number growing at the rate of 1 million mothers per year, the market for The Christmas Web will remain strong for years to come.

But today I want to ship you at least one copy of The Christmas Web for $39.99 each, you can get more if you want to give it as a Christmas present. You’ll also see to the right that I’ve created several REWARDS that you can qualify for with larger contributions. You can even tell all your Facebook friend about The Christmas Web and they can get The Christmas Web for $39.99.

If we, you and me, can put 6 million copies of “The Christmas Web” into U.S. (there are 9,000,000 parents who desperately need it as The Elf’s Grand Finale) homes over the next 10 years we can raise $100 million for the Warrior Team Shay Foundation to eradicate cancer.

I’m also going to be speaking to groups like the Rotary Clubs, The Kiwanis Clubs, Garden Clubs and anywhere else I can gather an audience. I’d like you to send me invitations to speak.  My message will be three fold:

  1. Chemotherapy and immunotherapy will not eradicate cancer, they both just prolong life by several months in all but two forms of cancer.  Identifying and suppressing or removing genes will, this is where the research dollars need to be spent.
  2. The cancer industry is a $125 billion industry employing 4 million highly educated and highly paid people.  Cancer is becoming the lifeblood of the pharmaceutical industry.  Congress declared “War on Cancer” in 1971; we put a man on the moon in 10 years.  The Federal government spends 25% of the federal budget on Medicare, Medicaid and healthcare.
  3. Old school charities don’t put the dollars where they need to be going.

You too can be a Warrior on Team Shay.

Shay and Aidan: October 25, 2014

Shay and Aidan: October 25, 2014

This is why I’m doing this.

Shannon asked me on the way to the hospital:

“Dad why is this happening to me, I’m a good person?”

I couldn’t give her an answer so now I want God to giver her the answer:

“You gave your life to help save millions of lives.”


The Christmas Web – A Family Tradition: A Children’s book/ Gift-set based on our families 22 year Christmas morning tradition.  When Santa arrives on Christmas Eve, he and your elf hide that special gift that you want somewhere in the house where only you can find it, at the end of The Christmas Web.  This is the elf’s Grand Finale before flying back to the North Pole with Santa.

Tall Grass – The story of a young boy in Champaign, IL, that loses his mother to cancer and deals with his loss of faith loss of family and struggle for identity.

The Stock Lord: My Second Novel – The Stock Lord is the story of a powerful Investment Manager, Gordon Finsh, who decides to cash in on his ability to make or break companies in the investment markets.  He is approached by Tony Lee, the CEO of a Chinese pharmaceutical company who has been directed by the Communist Party and the Central Government to make WOB a world player on the western stock exchanges, thus increasing the value of his company exponentially.

Gordon Finch wants $3 million in diamonds delivered to him in the U.S. in exchange for driving WOB’s stock price from $8 per share to $20 per share over a six month period.  The Party finds one of The Black Orlov diamonds in Beijing and procures it from a reluctant seller, Remash Patrenic, a retired Antwerp diamond dealer and a distant relative of the Buddhist monk who had been wrongly accused of stealing The Black Orlov from an Indian shrine in 1774. (The Black Orlov is a real diamond)


Aidan, Emma, Kobie, Haileigh the four elves of The Christmas Web

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